Style Forecast Trends For 2018

Yes 2017 is not over yet, but the fashion forecast is predicting some amazing trends for next year and we are here for it. It is okay if you can’t afford the street of the runway looks, after all that is why we have tailors and seamstresses. You can get some made with your own twist added to it.  And we are sure other low end designers will  create their own versions of it.



YES you are thinking it is tooo hot for this in Ghana, but don’t think about the weather, think about the fact that you  will stand out and slay in this look. Designers are taking rubber materials and creating beautiful silhouettes with them. We recently saw a photo of the slay queen, Rihanna wearing these rubber shoes, and we know muva Rih can do no wrong in our eyes. Kim K was also spotted in her rubber strapless dress. ISSAVIBE!!


Next, we have the Asymmetrical Neckline, which can easily be made with a good DIY tutorial. This look wraps around the neck and collar bone, showing less skin and giving it an intriguing look; perfect for a wedding dress as a guest or bride.


If you were born in the 80s or 90s, go back to your closet and pull out your fanny packs because they are here to stay. You should know by now that fashion always replays itself. #ISSARETROVIBE. The fanny pack can be worn across the hips or diagonally  across the shoulders, it depends on the look, mood or tone you are setting.



YESSSS it says transparent, as in see through, as in there is no privacy, but who needs privacy when the goal is to be seen while slaying. Our personal favourite transparent item will be the purses – they are just soo futuristic we get high blood pressure just looking at them. This look is for the fearless fashionista, please wear it with caution.


90’s babies this is for you. Make a statement with these “X-GIRL” shades with different colour lenses. It is giving us X-MEN vibes. Vasties_ltd on Ig is the place to go to get this look.


Girl yess. Tank tops!! Go grab a few at the market, matter of fact, wear your boyfriends singlet if you want. This is as casual as it gets for slay queens. You can wear it as undergarment for the sheer tops you have in your closet. Or to spice it up, add a graphic design to it.


These hats kraa can be locally made, it should not be hard to get your hands on these. You will be sure to literally turn heads with this statement piece.


Another DIY project prospect, fringe made it’s way in the fashion scene years ago and it seems like it is here to stay. This look can be easily achieved with a good DIY tutorial. A pair of fringe earrings is always a subtle way to set off any casual look.




It is going to be valentines day all year round with this pink and red combo. Whether you are in love, the devil or both, this colour combo is your vibe. Pair it with a pair of nude pumps and paint the town red or pink in this case.



Some of these looks can be worn together but please do not go all wild and crazy and throw all these looks together, you will definitely look crazy Af, talk about fashion suicide!! Like we stated earlier WEAR WITH CAUTION.




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