Your Life In The Vandal City Is Not Complete Without Mansa’s Gob3!

Gob3 Vandal

Vandals!!!! Sharp!!!

You were and are not a proper Vandal if you stay confused after reading this!

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So you all know Mansa right?

Mansa! That gob3 seller at the Commonwealth market…

Gob3 vandal


Mansa’s gob3 erh!! The almighty Gob3!! Forget Bushke and Night market! This be where the real aduane is!

If you’re seeing this and you don’t know what gob3 is, I beg, ask a friend.

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So Mansa has been in this Gob3 business for close to 18 years and just like Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee”, the vandals call on her name and get answers to the call of their stomachs. The answer too erh…y’all know it can last the whole day!!! you only need water to keep it fresh!

you ‘anastand’?

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So, after a quick chat with the Queen of gob3, we found out she’s been in business since 1999!!

how old were you??? Lol

If you’re ancient and you were in Commonwealth, this is the old gob3 seller you knew’s daughter!!

Concerning her secret ingredient… no it’s not Irish cream!!

Her secret is beans…

Special beans from Niger, sprinkled with the grace of God!!! “Yes it’s expensive but it is better and sweeter as compared to the ones produced in Ghana”.

Gob3 vandal

Her profits may not be enough to be a billionaire, but as long as your stomachs are happy, she’s happy!

Gob3 Vandal


She admitted she was nostalgic about the previous years because, for her, those were the best years!!! Those days when the halls were limited and every guy wanted to be in commonwealth, made business boom, but now that the ‘Limanns’ and ‘Banis’ have appeared and her market has grown smaller.

So guys!! if you love a good banter plus a great meal, head over to the Vandal City and look out for Mansa.

Gob3 Vandal

If you completed years ago and this has brought memories, just call a couple of friends and reminisce over a bowl of gob3.




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