Everything You Need To Know About Dating On Campus

Dating on campus is a science and everything can go wrong. Just imagine sitting by an ex at lectures or in a shuttle after a bad breakup..AWKWARD

Well, we asked  students and alumni to tell us what they wished they knew about dating on campus. Here are their amazing dating tips:

Don’t disconnect from the world the moment you start dating

Focus on building your friendships. Don’t cut off your friends, colleagues and roommates just because you met someone. Campus romance will probably not last and your friends will provide crying shoulders when the breakup finally happens.

Don’t throw away love for hook-ups

There’s nothing better than waking up from your hostel bed and knowing that someone, somewhere loves you. The oohs and ahhs last for a moment but there’s nothing like falling in love. If you find someone you’re sure about, stay with them!

If it’s not making you happy, don’t stay in it

Relationships are supposed to make you happy. Add to your fulfillment! If you find yourself struggling to fit in with someone or trying to fix things, push the end button! It’s simple!

You don’t have to find “the one”

Don’t be pressured into thinking that the university is the place to find your soulmate or missing rib. If it happens, that’s great! If it doesn’t, errrm, don’t fret.

Be smart and safe when it comes to sex

This point is of high priority and we can’t stress it enough. Choose your sexual partners carefully and always engage in safe sex…just as STD/I’s are real, so are babies!

But if you’re a virgin, it’s 100 percent okay to stay that way

Don’t let anyone talk you into having sex when you’re not ready. Your sexual life is private and not anyone’s business…after all, who sex epp?


Know yourself. Try to learn more about the kind of relationship you want and the kind of person you want…and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Love yourself 

Self love is the key to building a strong relationship. This allows you to learn what you like and loathe and what not to settle for.

Only date when you’re sure

It’s not a race. Just because your friend is dating does not mean you’re ready to date too. Only date when you’re really into the person.

If you have any relationship advice to share, let us know in the comment section.

Written By

Naana Aba Mensah (Nokoslim)


  1. I want to ask a question. Please, my female best friend and I really love each other but she is dating a guy now. And it looks like she welcome me less now a days and her attention for me now is also less. I remember she told me her love for me has reduced and she keeps on telling me that, she likes the boyfriend which I do feel jealous. Please what should I do, I really need help. Thanks.


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