9 Teaching Assistants (TA) You Have Definitely Met On Campus

Yeahh if you go for tutorials or you’ve had to hand in an assignment, then yes you’ve had personal encounters with TAs. IA season is barely over and Exams is about to start so we know TAs are crawling all over your lives right now. So here are a couple you’ve definitely met…just mention their names in your head and smile when you recognize them!


This is the one that graduated with first class and won’t let us forget it. They are usually super too known and usually look down their nose at you. For every 10 sentences they make, “i had first class” is in 6 of them. We learn a lot from them but we mostly learn that they got first class cos of course that’s all they say! Yeah we know, back to the subject please?


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These TA’s are usually great at explaining stuff, but they care about you passing 5/10 and about their pocket 10/10 so they ask for remuneration for almost everything: support reading materials, extra coaching, everything. If you are broke and this is your TA, my dear look for alternatives or you may fail. There’s nothing free over here!  They won’t even accept God’s blessings as payment, the struggle for the paper is real y’all.


These are the ones that forget Teaching Assistants are not lecturers (at least not yet). They shout at you excessively, take delight in seizing defaulter’s papers during exams or IA’s and make a big production out of it. They like reporting students to the lecturer and if you ask them for explanation forgetting they were once students, they talk to you as if you are beneath them. Power is really intoxicating…


These are the ones we dislike the most. They graduated 5 mins ago and because they are now TAs, the whole University needs to kiss their ass. Some of them may not even have graduated yet but they are so rude!  I mean imagine the outrage after they down talk you and you discover they are only graduating in November! These type of TAs are usually lazy,rude,and only focused on their shada!


These are the ones we love the most because they are both our friends and our TAs. They go the extra mile for their students, willing to meet you wherever and whenever to explain things to you just so you pass. They spend their own cash on the fare without asking for anything in return and even allow students to come and disturb them when they are sleeping if tests are close and you really don’t understand something. These are the ones that have all our blessings because we are always praying for them!!


These ones can dress for Africa! Outfits, makeup, accessories (glasses and stuff), perfumes are just ‘oh wow’ (not always in a good way tho). You spend most of the tutorial talking about them. When these our ’runway models’ show up in class the results are one of two ways hit or total miss…


They are great teachers and do nothing out of the ordinary but somehow still command respect from you. We troop faithfully in our numbers for their tutorial sessions because it’s like another lecture (best be assured they will say something that the lecturer wont teach but will come in the exam). We kind of see them as lecturers and on the rare occasion we talk about them, there is a teeny bit of discomfort over being caught. With this TA, you gotta put some respek on their name.


During this tutorial we try to learn, we really do, but we are just so sleepy. The class is not interactive at all, we all just listen to the TA talking and talking. For the entire one hour, you are either fighting sleep or watching those around you fight sleep. We usually dread their tutorial days but have to go because they mostly have the only slot. Please can we get some action!


We love these tutorial classes and the TAs are our friends. The class is very interactive and most times, the TA will break off and give you one interesting gist or the other to make you laugh. As lovers of kckↄnsa, we will faithfully be there for every tutorial and even though at the end we’re not sure what we really learned, we got so much gist out of it so that is a plus right?

These are just a few of the most common TAs on campus. We are sure you know more or will see more before you graduate! Don’t fight it, just deal with the annoying ones and take one semester at a time!!



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