5 Embarrassing Things We All Don’t Want Happening To Us At Lectures

Lectures! The bane of our school life, together with exams.

Here in UEW, lectures are almost a torture. As if it’s not enough sitting in a lecture for a whole three hours, nature and life will also decide to play cruel tricks with you! Here are 5 things that we all pray doesn’t happen to us.

Stomach problems 

Stomach upset has no chill. There’s no yawa than your stomach rumbling in class or you wanting to visit the toilet so bad in class. When it starts, you can’t pay attention to whatever is being taught. Immediately you get out to visit the washroom too you feel like everyone knows what’s going on and you probably might not come back to class again!

 Forgetting a book or pen

The peak  of unseriousness is going for a lecture and forgetting your book or pen. Some manage to foget both. How else are you going to pretend that you’re paying attention?

Phone ringing

The horror of your phone ringing loudly when you’re in the class! That’s the best way to draw huge unwarranted attention to yourself.

Called to answer a question when you’re not paying attention 

When you’re so cocncentrated on your WhatsApp chat you forget to act like you’re paying attention and then you’re called to answer a question or give a contribution. No matter how cool you act, you’re going to end up looking sheepish.

 Torn clothes

When your clothes get ripped at the lecture hall, charley, the way your heart will cut. The burning question will be how to get yourself to your hostel without anyone noticing and then some people too will be stopping you to chat…annoying people!

Had any funny or embarrassing experiences, we’d like to hear. Share with us in the comments section.



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