This Is Why Lharley Suddenly Went Bald


Kuulpeeps, Y’all know Lharley right?


She is an Instagram celebrity who also hosts the Girl Talk Show.


We even crushed on her and we are glad we did.

But if you’re falling in love with her hair cut, our advice is that you stop now, because our next picture will disappoint you.


Yep, one-moment Lharley’s hair was part of a signature look and the next moment it was gone.

When photos of Lharley’s bald head started making rounds on social media this month, people were quick to criticize her.

She was vilified and as unforgiving as social media is, she became a mockery meme?

But little did people know that Lharley actually went bald to champion a good cause.

October has always been Breast Cancer Awareness month and to highlight the plight many women and some men go through, Lharley shaved off her hair.

“Going bald is the least thing I could do to highlight issues surrounding breast cancer,” Lharley said in a video released early today.

Watch the full video here:

Way to go Lharley!!!! Such a Kuulpeep.


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