The Complete 101 On How To Be Successful Friends With Benefits

Sometimes all you want to do is get down and dirty without having to go through the whole hassle of dating. What better way to do it and also be comfortable than through friends with benefits.

Friends with benefits are exactly what the name suggests. You’re friends but you get to roll around in the sheets every once in awhile with no strings attached.

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So if you really must and you really know that this is what you want, then keep these in mind!!

Find The Perfect Match

Please do not take someone who has a crush on you. Just look out for that one person that you know that by all means, his/her mind dey! Getting someone who’s not too far from you is perfect…

for emergencies.

Lay down the ground rules

You can’t be doing benefits without letting the other person know. Set rules charley: The when and where you can borst each others brains, how long it should last, should it be kept a secret if you want to etc.

Relax on the communication

If you guys text all the time, somebody will catch feelings!! It’s an arrangement!! Don’t go doing sweet and adorable things you’d actually do in a relationship. Save the late night texting… unless it’s going to lead to a quickie on your balcony.

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Don’t Catch Feelings!!

The minute you notice your partner is catching small small feelings, RUN!!!!! Scram!! Bail!!! Unless you also feel the same way then you can encourage it till you guys officially become a couple.

Enjoy Every Second!

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You’re just having fun right? So you better go that extra length to enjoy it. Fulfill all those fantasies charley. If you’re not enjoying it, then stop and fall into a 40 year old marriage. You can’t be wasting your time like that.

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Be Smart and Cool

Just because you’ve got a friend with benefit doesn’t mean you should go about screaming it to everyone you meet. Save the boys brag talk. Remember you both agreed to do this. Don’t go spreading things to people. Be mature.

Don’t Hang out

Don’t hang out outside of the bedroom unless you guys are meeting up somewhere to satisfy your adventurous selves. Letting your Friend With Benefit meet friends and family is dangerous! You’d just be setting yourself up for the feelings trap. You’ve got two lives now. Keep them separate!

Stay Safe

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Condoms guys!! even if his pullout game is as strong as a greasy hand on a doorknob, do not risk it!!! It’s not just pregnancy you’re trying to avoid people! There are STDs to worry about.

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When the agreement finally ends, go your separate ways. It was a contract and now it has ended. Adios. goodbye.That’s it.

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