Here’s What The UEW Crest Represents

Ready for a history lesson?

Lol..charley, you guys don’t like anything lesson or book related, so let’s call it a fun fact.

UEW has one, if not the most eye-catching logo and colours amongst the universities in Ghana – public and private…you don’t understand??..then you know where to burn! Back to the matter, our school, like every other has its own tradition and history. Today, we are going to tell y’all what our beautiful logo actually stands for.

The UEW crest was designed by Yaw Gyapong in 1993. The crest consists of a flaming torch, which represents educational enlightenment which is firmly implanted in the ntesie/mate asie adinkra; the cultural symbol for wisdom. The red colour radiates the light of knowledge and education and the contrasting blue colour represents victory. These symbols are encased in a circle representing completeness, which is enhanced by the motto: Education For Service.

We bet you didn’t know that!


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