Vodafone Cash Collaborates With Dough Man To Give An Amazing Discount

We all love doughnuts, don’t we?

And we don’t just love doughnuts, but we love the best of them.

Dough Man delivers the best doughnuts in Ghana and together with Vodafone, they’re here with a good offer.

It’s simple, Kuulpeeps! All you have to do is buy your favourite doughnuts from Dough Man with Vodafone Cash and get two additional doughnuts for free.

Amazing right? Look sharp and register for Vodafone Cash if you haven’t chale.

Don’t wait until bae leaves you before you order those doughnuts for her, register for Vodafone cash now.

To purchase Dough Man doughnuts with Vodafone Cash, call 020110533 to place your order, then dail *110#, Select the number 4 and pay to till number 128453.


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