Things You Probably Did When You Were In First Year

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The semester’s begun and you have lost your fresh man status, not that it really came with any special benefits though… but truth be told, first year is that year you will definitely remember. So here’s your own personal diary of things you will definitely think about and smile.

You attended “fresh ‘A’ fair”.

Of course you were at the Oguaa forecourt too (for those in UCC). I mean who wasn’t; it was a lit’’ distin’’ .

You made friends you do not talk to anymore.

Chaley you probably met them during the ‘’fresh A fair’’ or maybe you all got lost together sometime looking for that department and since then, you haven’t met each other again.

Your first Uni crush!! 

Oh dear, we all know you like the guy or girl.  You see them in class and your heart goes ‘skkkrrrrrrah’. But time no dey charley. Make that move!

You finally understood what ‘Narrowing’ is.

Herhh this one de3 chaley, your roommates have definitely ‘narrowed’ you already. If you were lucky, you probably got that warning text before you even closed from class.

You came with loads of stuff you did not really really need.

How many of those clothes did you even wear??? Or those SHS books. Did you use them??

You made a friend everyone thinks is your boyfriend/girlfriend.

You managed to get close to someone and zoned each other and even though you prefer it that way, people still think you are doing the ‘’distin’’ .

You’ve studied all night because you were not studying all day.

Ohh charley, you probably believed that legends are the ones who study a night before the exams, but still make the grades, now you see your life…lol definitely not in UCC.

You have considered dropping out.

Not that you will. It’s just that you wrote 6 quizzes in one week and they were really difficult. It really had you thinking… nti school kraa y3 d3n?

You missed home.

You run out of foodstuff, you did not have money, your battery was on 1% and the lights went off…

You attended a party you wish you had not.

It was not organized by ECHO. That’s it. You just regretted that day.

Signed up for over 50 clubs and societies.

Lately your prayer group president calls and you do not answer, plus you also joined numerous societies and clubs, maybe because it seemed like a great idea at the time. Ha-ha, now look at you dodging executives and blocking numbers because you are tired!

Indomie is your best friend.

One day, you quickly prepared some indomie and realized that indomie is life saving!! Now you eat it everyday!! You don’t even add vegetables. TOO RAW!!

You are still gnashing!

The girls in Level 100 are too busy getting noticed by those in 300 and 400 so they aren’t even looking at you kraa!! Ma guy keep on keeping on, one day you will make it, and then I’ll come for my GBOZAA!

You rushed to sit in front of the class because you thought sitting in front guaranteed an ‘’A’’.

UCC students will relate the most. Lol guys were rushing for front row seats because they thought the lecturer would think they were serious students. Perhaps you were genuinely serious but…sitting in front does not guarantee 1st class wai.

You promised to reinvent yourself, because…new chapter!

You came to the Uni with very high hopes and saw the chance to start a new life, make good grades and follow your passion, but you probably haven’t seen anything top cos school is more time consuming than you thought.

You aimed to explore your University‘s town.

Coming to Cape Coast, I thought I would be chilling on the beach every Saturday, go to the Castle monthly and enjoy all the sceneries Cape coast has to offer but… me this!

You experienced the poor life!!

Abi this one is relatable unless you are the relative of one V8 driving man or woman but if you’re just like some of us…


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