These KNUST Photographers Are Capturing Memories With Their Lenses

Photography has taken a different angle everywhere, and it seems quite lucrative. Here’s a list of top photographers in KNUST in no particular order:

1. Quaidz Photography

IG: Quiadzz

email: [email protected] com


2. DirectorOhene Photography

IG: directorohene


3. Kay Bizzle Photography

IG: kaybizzlephotography


4. Vibe visions photography

IG: vibevisions_


5. Leon Photography

IG: leonphotoos


6. Lightning Pathways Photography

IG: lightningpathways


7. Pause.Inc Photography



8. Dre Djan Photography 

IG: dre_djan


9. Kwame Dokah Photography

IG: Kwamedokah


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