UEW’s Octa Sena Shares Her 5 Secrets On Killing It On The Camera

Guess who we took the same taxi with on our way to lectures??

The beautiful Sena Bidi who is co-hosts with CobbyMyke on KBAJ TV. You should see how this pretty kuulpeep speaks eloquently and effortlessly. Well, since we had some few minutes, we asked her to let us in on the secret to her eloquence infront of the camera, because most of us are scared of taking pictures, not to talk of a full video. She had these tips to share:

Before you talk the talk, make sure you slay!


Make sure you appear before the camera with an outfit you feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable, you would feel confident. It’s simple “fashionmatics”. Note that, your outfit should be event-appropriate or you’ll feel out of place and that’s zero on the confidence scale.

Everything goes wrong with LAFA

No doubt that having a foreign accent gives you an urge but if you don’t have one, don’t force it! Everything will go wrong. What if you start with a Bristish accent or slur and you end up switching to your normal Ghanaian accent? YAWA!

Your script is your guide, not your dictator

If you’re given a script, make sure you familiarize with it. Get to know what it entails, but don’t end up memorizing it. Memorizing your script will make you stiff and that makes your presentation anything but natural.

The camera is your partner, make love to it! 

The mistake most people make is to see the camera as some supreme overlord, so they end up scared when the camera starts running. Look directly into the camera as if it were your “personal-person” and remember the camera is working for you!

Calm those nerves down! 

It is only natural that you feel a little tense when the camera is about to roll, so to ease those nerves, talk about anything funny or you’re passionate about. This relaxes you and gets you prepared. If you have a say, pick crewmembers you feel comfortable around. It’ll relax you the more.

This is all we managed to get out of her before she got off, but she promised us more. There you have it, let’s remember these five tips and boost that confidence for the camera.


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