#StandoutX: Was The Jean Aka Nelson Award Show Rigged?

Hope it’s not too late to serve y’all some tea.

Yesterday was the Standout Xperience awards night/ Face of Jean Nelson Pageant show.

It all seemed to go well. Award Winners were applauded, the pageant contestants really entertained us!!! (ah go check our IG stories and see: Kuulpeepslegon)

Everyone was happy.

But while everyone was chilling, some people were allegedly plotting.

Now a little birdie whispered in our ear that one particular award was presented to the wrong person.


So one of the categories; Most Fashionable Female had the following as nominees:

Mabel Bein, Agnes Afriyie, Alex Akakpo,Ann Chantelle, Rafi and Maxine.

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Each nominee went all out to get people to vote and yesterday, Rafi was called out as the winner!!

But wait hold on…

News reaching us tells us the slip with the name of the winner had Rafi on it…

…but, the award itself had Agnes Afriyie printed on it.



Most Fashionable Female

The young man who presented the award apparently did not want to create a scene onstage so he just quietly released the award to the rightful owner after the show.

Sources also admit that Agnes Afriyie did win fair and square after collating the votes.

So the question here is, did the organizers intentionally let the award slip because the winner allegedly has some personal issues with one of them? Or was it a genuine Steve Harvey mistake?



  1. But then Raffi was told it was a mistake n that they are going to change the name on the award for her. When publishing something don’t be one-sided. You shld contact the organizers themselves and ask them for their opinion. What u have published sounds like Raffi had something to do with it but then she had no idea abt it.


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