Kuulpeeps Hangout With…CobbyMyke: All You Didn’t Know About UEW’S Biggest MC

We hung out with UEW’s king of the mic last weekend and so us being us, we couldn’t spare the chance to bring you deets.. like, that’s what we are here for so..

We asked series of interesting and silly questions and the King of the Mic had equally silly, interesting and sarcastic replies too.

We walked in on him drinking a bottle of chilled soft drink..

Kuulpeeps(KP): Yo! Cobby, ah, we are about to turn up so why this soft drink?

CobbyMyke(CM): Lol..Y’all didn’t tell me we’re about to turn up..Would have ordered us a Malibu!

KP: Straight!..Hehehe..We’ve been looking for you for long. You’ve been tossing us eh.. Now we have some fun questions we’d like to ask and frankly our peeps would like to know too!

CM: Hit me! Let’s go!

KP: Ok! Let’s start with our Kuulpeeps 5 Question With segment..We are going to list 5 words and you should tell us the first word that comes to mind when we mention these words…no slacking, no thinking…

CM: Herr..okay..I’m ready!

KP: Girlfriend..

CM: Ei…ermmm..necessity!

KP: No thinking Cobby…ermm..doggystyle?

CM: Dopest!

KP: Food??

CM: Life!!

KP: Porn?

CM: Sex education!

KP: Kuulpeeps??

CM: Cool people!

KP: Nice..you did well..Some interesting answers there..

CM: Tough questions deserve interesting answers.

KP: Ei! It’s about to get tougher..We all know King of the MC, CobbyMyke. What about you do most people not know?

CM: I’m pretty much an open person. Anyone who knows me well knows everything there is to know..well maybe..my real name is Owusu Michael…half Kwahu and half Ashanti. I’m from a family of four and I’m the first born. Mom and Dad are separated but they communicate often. I’m Accra-based. A member of the Social Studies Depatment and in my fourth year. I am dating a beautiful lady…Frimpong Chuckee Jnr is my manager. I love what I do, which is emceeing and presenting for Kbaj tv….You see! I’m not sure there’s anything interesting biaa o!

KP: That’s the thing about Kuulpeeps. We are going to get you to confess all your sins…But…why the name CobbyMyke?? Has it got anything to do with you being the king of the mic??

CM: lol.. kinda.. I was born on Tuesday, I’m called Michael..Do the Maths..and my management liked it too so..you know what it is!

KP: So..not to burst your big head but you’re undoubtedly the most wanted MC in this University but you’d leave soon…Are you mentoring anyone to take over??

CM: Of course! There’s a Joshua to take over koraa! I can’t tell you his name till I outdoor and annoint him.

KP: Ei! Pressure! Lol! Which social media platform is your favorite??

CM: Snapchat of course..there, if you’re nosy and screenshot I’ll catch you la! LOL

KP:Boys don’t like screenshots koraa..lol So, what’s the easiest way a girl can get your attention??

CM: She smiling anytime she sees me! Just a smile does the trick.

KP: Smile p3? Anyways, are you an ass or a boobs person??

CM: Herr charley…ass anytime, anyday!!

KP: Wow Cobby..wow!! What’s one fashion item you don’t like wearing?

CM: Ermm..let’s see, tank tops!

KP: Really? You’re weird! If you could go back to high school, which high school would you have attended?

CM: Kumasi High School..

KP: Why aren’t we surprised? You look like an “Abrante3”. Most embarrassing thing to happen to you while on stage?

CM: I remember this like it was yesterday. I raised a song for a sing-along and the audience unanimously said eyi…my mother’s something!!

KP: Oh slow….LOL. They murdered  you! Let’s play a game! It’s called Kill, Marry and One-night stand. Which one would you kill, marry and who would you like a one-night distin with? Kim Kardashian, Blaq Chyna and Amber Rose.

CM: Easy! I’d kill Chyna, I’d marry Kim, ass person, remember? and of course have a one-night stand with Amber Rose.

KP: Okay oo most ass-person! If you could keep only 5 songs on your phone, which ones would it be?

CM: Br3br3 by Kwasi Pee ft Sarkodie, Susuka by Kinaata, Nhyira by Sarkodie ft Castro,My help cometh from the Lord and Glory by Sark!

KP: You see that you don’t know the singer for the gospel song? And you’re clearly a Sark fan too..

KP: Which food are you never going to try?

CM: Brukina or Burkina or whatever it’s called. That thing looks nasty.

KP: Hehehe…Share with us, one breakup story you’re never going to forget.

CM: I had just returned from playing football and she calls me to tell me its over because she had heard I was cheating. That was all…no opportunity to explain!

KP: Oh Uncle..sorry! Which lecture have you skipped the most since level 100.

CM: I hope he doesn’t see this but Comparative Politics taught by Mr Amanor.

KP: Oh! So you minor in Political Science?

CM:Yeah! Went for the lecture like three times p3 !

KP: Must be nice for you! Well, our last question then, which name are you going to give to your first child?

CM: Purple!

KP: Boss! Good luck trying to get your wife to approve that name. Well, its been wonderful hanging out with you today.

CM: Pleasure is mine! Thanks for this opportunity too.

KP: Come on, you’re the best at what you do. It makes you an official kuulpeep. Anything you’d like to say?

CM: Lemme shoutout to Kwabena Bergo Annig jnr. CEO of Kbaj Ent, Nana Boakye,Jeed Photography,G shot Photograph,Nings Photography,Twamephoto,Beehive Divas,Paz Davis,Nana Owusu, Kolor gh, Cobo 1,Sena and the Entire Kbaj family. I almost forgot the foundation family,Belzy, Awuraa, Jacky , Afia N Shy, Annabelle Michy.

KP: Ei boss ! That long list? Are you receiving a Grammy?

CM: MJ,KobbyBoss,Kwame cornet,  Appiah kubi, Kbaj ent, Ninety ‘s, Kuulpeeps, Team loso, 442,Boss Gang, MC Pixel, Ohurt, Echohouse, Hunterman, Acebess……

KP: Please bye! We have a quiz to write!










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