Here Is How To Pass Midsem Examinations In KNUST

So mid semester examination is around the corner and certainly students, especially the first years will be wondering how to go about it. First of all, mid semester generally covers 30% of your total marks in grading. Some lecturers however  decide to make it 20% and 10% for attendance. It still counts in grading so there’s a need to pass it well. Here are some simple rules:

Pay much attention to the slides and handouts on that particular course. Do not study outside context. The questions are quite simple and mostly come from your slides.

Try solving multiple choice questions online. Visit and solve more questions.

Get past questions and solve them. You might not know, the lecturer might repeat questions from previous years and this happens almost all the time.

Remember to take along your student ID card and all your necessary stationery.

All the best in your mid semester examinations.


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