Here’s How To #Standout In Your Dating Life With Counselor Lutterodt’s Rare Gems


Counsellor Lutterodt is known for his controversial statements. Lord knows how many times we’ve laughed or rolled our eyes to his ridiculous soundbites.

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Yesterday, during  a campus edition of Tales From The Powder Room, which airs on GhOne and is hosted by Naa Ashorkor, Counselor Lutterodt and some other guests were present to give sage advice to some poor soul in a toxic relationship somewhere.

So of course everyone will be talking about Counselor Lutterodt because he did what he does best and said some eye roll worthy stuff but… a few were quite informative. So we took a couple of his quotes and…

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Guys! Let’s start with you.

So we all know how every girl has this perception that every guy wants sex right? Well, surprise! There are quite a lot of guys who hold strong to their principles and faith and insist on no sex before marriage.

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Sometimes, it’s the girls who stress the boys out by asking for sex all the time to the extent that she might break up with you because, “what is wrong with you? are you not a man?”

To the guys who are ever willing and ready to dive into any vagina that opens up for them too…this is for you!!

“If a girl forces you or keeps worrying you for sex, there’s a problem”

Yes guys! There’s usually a problem. Run!!

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It could be some hidden pregnancy and she needs a name quickly to give to her parents or some STD that needs to be spread or some witchy witchy things looking to suck your soul.

Be careful guys.

Now Ladies!! Here’s yours:

“You’re allowed to date over 200 people at the same time. You’re not limited”

actually, guys too…

According to the Counselor, what most of you are doing is not really dating. In fact, he specifically said:

“Boyfriends are not boyfriends. They are actually called studymates”

Know why? Because what you are doing is actually studying each other to figure out if the person is the right one for you. Boyfriend is the wrong term. Go argue with your dictionary.

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This is why you are allowed to have as many as you want, because girl…and ermm boy, you’re looking to find a life partner right? That’s the whole point of dating isn’t it? So yes, you’re allowed to have two at a time, get to know them and when you’re certain one particular one is the right one for you, drop that yam!

Now that you’ve dropped the 159 and are stuck with one, the Counselor says, don’t waste time doing “we’ve been dating for 5 years now”. Stop. Just stop it. The ideal thing is,

“Do not go for over 14 dates with one guy.”

If you do and he’s not proposed or said the necessary magic words,

“Drop him like a Tissue”

Yessssss girls!! Time no dey like that! Get a diary and start crossing out the number of times you guys go out on dates. Forget the 90 day rule. This be the new rule!! We know its going to be hard here in Ghana, where the ideal date is walking over to her room and “Netflix and chilling”. Try some proper dates! Go out somewhere, try something new, get to know each other properly, not each others bodies!

And finally!! Ladies!!

“Never Cook for your boyfriend”

What are you doing cooking for your boyfriend? A student raised the question that it was necessary to do that because you need to know if your wife to be is able and capable of cooking that delicious meal. That isn’t a problem guys! You love her, you love her! Wife her and eat whatever she cooks because you,

“Learn to eat your wife’s food”

When you’re born, you eat your mom’s food because, that’s what’s there. If she started with feeding you wood shavings, of course that’d be your favourite meal. Why? Because you learnt to eat that. So why not do same for your wife. You’ve started a new life. Pretend you’re a baby once again (after all you’re drinking ‘brezz’ now) and eat whatever she cooks even if it makes you hurl every time. Soon, you’d get used to it and you’d be feeding your kids with it too!!

So there you go Kuulpeeps! This is just a quarter of what you missed from Jean Nelson’s session with Naa Ashorkor, Counselor Lutterodt and their guests yesterday during the hall week. It’s still #StandoutX and you guys really need to come through every day until it’s over.



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