Which Hall Will Claim Bragging Rights In This Year’s Inter Hall Sports Competition?

The University of Ghana inter-hall athletics competition is here again. Its time again for us to witness the hall with the best athletes and the hall which is going to win the most medals.
If you want to witness this and more, then you have to be at the UG-Total’s 54th inter-hall athletics competition, which is being organised by the University of Ghana Sports Directorate.
The theme for this year’s competition is “Creating An Enabling Environment For Youth Empowerment Through University Sports”

Long theme right? But it’s worth what you are about to experience from the 25th to the 27th of October 2017 at 2 pm, each day at the University of Ghana Stadium.

UG sports

Competing for the bragging rights are; African Union Hall popularly known as Pent, the farmers of Akuafo, Bani hostel, City campus, the Vandals of Commonwealth, Distance Education students, Jubilish, Jean Nelson, Kwapong, Legon hall, Limann, Mensah Sarbah, Sey, United Nation Hall popularly known as Evandy, Valco, Volta and TF.
The schedule of events for the competition are below

UG sports
There’d be free buses as well to take students to the stadium!  Guys! Let’s go support our halls!


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