Yo Peeps, Here’s How To Become A Social Media Influencer

To the generation before us, we have it all easy and figured out, but they don’t know half of the struggle we go through. Imagine taking time to find the perfect angle, lighting and filter to take a picture and wasting data to post it, only to end up getting 3 likes… yours, your boyfriend or girlfriend who is sort of mandated to like it and your bestie’s..that distin hurts like…it can even lead to depression oo

In an era where most of our time is spent on social media, many opportunities have erupted. The most prestigious among these is becoming a social media influencer. These social media influencers are the royalty of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and others. They have the M’s, the K’s, the likes and comments to show for it and different brands are chasing them, even more than these so-called celebrities, because hey, who watches TV anymore. Social media influencers are the real MVP’s. Don’t stress, it’s very easy to reach that status-to be a social media god. Just note down these..

Brood over your interest 

See, there’s nothing like doing something you genuinely enjoy and this applies to social media too. Your interest forms your content. Finding what you really enjoy doing and what you’d love the social media world to know you for is almost like finding your talents and what business you want to run in real life. It could be comedy, food, music, dance, social commentator, art reviews or even sarcasm..that’s the plus of social media, the choices are endless and everyone of them has their own audience, so you won’t be lost!

Find that perfect social media platform

There are a lot of social media apps these days. Your appstore and playstore is flooding with them, but find that one that does it for you! This is not to say be off other social media but find that one platform you’re genuinely interested in and understand. It’s just like finding the right location to start up your business. Consider everything from technicalities, interest of people, following, cliques on there and you’d find out a whole new world. Certain social media platforms react favourably to certain content..there are the dynamics..Knowing your interest would make choosing the perfect platform simpler.

Plan and make data-worthy content

There’s no turnoff than wasting precious megabytes watching a video or loading a picture or page and finding it worthless and meaningless to you. Sit down, plan according to what content could interest the people on the platform you choose. Run it by a couple of friends whom you trust. (some of these friends are sellouts) Get their feedback and use it. Some might even offer to help. Your content is your product so make sure you make quality worth the consumer’s money.

Consistency is discipline

This is where many people fail! Consistency! If you’re posting content on the regular, do so! If you release content on a particular day, don’t miss it because people would be looking forward to it and nothing attracts an unfollow on social media like finding no content or inconsistency.

Grow and nuture your following 

If you’re consistent you’d notice that you’d start to garner your own little community and following- that’s if the content is quality. At this point, interact with your followers, let them know they matter to you because they give you the right to become a social media influencer. Find new and exciting ways to promote yourself and your content by noticing new trends and patterns and adjusting to them and rebranding when necessary. Learn to accept criticism on your content and work towards it.

Work hard, be passionate and genuinely conerned about your branding and watch yourself turn into social media royalty…now let the brand endorsement deals start flowing in! AGBO!





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