Trump Is President And We Just Discovered Why, Two Words: Jessica Opare

We’re surprised you still don’t remember who Jesicca Opare Saforo is.

She’s that fine lady who hosts Traffic Avenue on Citi FM. She started a weight loss campaign sometime back.

Issokay wai. If you don’t remember her, here she is.

It all started when Trump put up this tweet back in 2012. Note, he wasn’t even ready to be president by then.

Among the replies to the tweet was this…

Our very own Jessica replied the tweet with this!

But how Jessica? How???

Five years down the lane, Trump is president of the United States and Jessica is being blamed for it just because of her tweet.

Someone far away in Los Angeles somehow found the tweet and now Americans are blaming Jessica.

As we said, some Americans bore, they’re saying it’s Jessica’s fault Trump is president.


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