5 Bathroom Habits You Are Probably Guilty Of

What goes on in the bathroom happens to be between you and obviously, the bathroom. However, one can at least agree to a few of these habits that we fall victim to.

Taking a piss in the shower

This is one of the common habits in the bathroom. Instead of leaving the shower to go take a piss, most of us feel we’re bathing after all so there’s no need (The bros can testify)….. We’re going to get cleaned up after all so what’s the point?


Reading whilst taking a dump

This a special dedication to our family and friends who like to multitask. Well, multitasking can be done elsewhere and not whilst you’re sitting on the toilet. Time tends to be wasted and you may be blocking the chances of others who want to use the toilet.


Leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth

Don’t waste water while you brush your teeth. Remember that, water is a free gift of nature but not economically free. Yo man, the bills ain’t gonna pay themselves!!!


Keeping the toilet lid open for flushing

Leaving the lid open whiles flushing allows for bacteria to easily spread. The water from the bowl can splash as far as six feet away according to research, and this shows that leaving the lid open does not make the bathroom messy but unhygienic too. Mmmm….. Definitely not a good thing.


Leaving the sponge in the shower

It’s common for most of us to hang our sponges in the shower after using them. Probably what’s done everywhere right?… Well, leaving them there tends to provide a condusive environment for the germs you scrubbed off and that’s not healthy. Keeping it in a well ventilated area to dry is recommended.. so the more it dries, the better!


Definitely true…. Isn’t it?


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