This Is Why You Need 24 Hour Body Odour Protection

First of all, we all know how it feels when we walk past that dude with bad body odour, or when we sit next to that person in the troski and they literally take our breath away.

We bet it’s an experience you don’t ever want to remember.

It could be that, that fellow had used some kinda deodorant that didn’t last or he/she didn’t even use any at all.

That said, we put together a couple of reasons why we think you should have 24 hour body odour protection.

It’s Mandatory!

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We don’t see why you would want to be a Kuulpeep when you’re not ready to smell good. It’s like going to Tech and not eating Gob3. You always have to smell good buddy, no matter where you are are or what you’re doing, just smell good!



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Smelling good gives you confidence. I don’t see how you’re walking up to that big booty girl when your body odour isn’t in check, don’t play yourself please, a bad smell will only get you laughed at and we know you don’t want that.




They say all women like comfort, but we think guys like comfort too and smelling good is one of the easiest ways of feeling comfortable on the regular. You don’t want to be walking about sticking to walls just because senti nu isn’t going well. Set yourself free – be comfortable in your own skin.


Getting Laid

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We don’t know about you guys, but we don’t think you’ll find anyone who’s gonna do the do with you if you have a bad smell, unless you two are in the same boat, then obviously, that would be one hell of a detty swim. Do you know some girls are ready to go low for you just because you smell so good? Bossu give it a try and thank us later.


Bae Surprise

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Let’s say you used one of them alo deodorants which doesn’t last long, then bae shows up later in the night, what you gon do? You know you got to smell like 7am when she arrives right? Don’t miss the chance of having some good time with her just because you didn’t know she was coming; you must always be ready.

Pre Papa Preko!



So we saved the best for last. Rexona has the solution to all our odour problems. Rexona deodorants give up to 24 hours body protection. Just use it anytime of the day and you’re good to go for the next 24 hours.  You don’t have to think of what time bae is showing up or think twice about walking up to that fine sister. Rexona’s got you!


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