Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Join The Famous Beard Gang

It’s tough  mehn!

At first you only needed to look good, dress good and smell good to get you a girl. Now, you’ve got to have a beard! It’s like some new attire every lady wants. So us guys gotta look sharp!

You think everything is possible, try growing a beard and get back to us! It’s very difficult to get some hairs to spring up from your face. Thanks to modern medicine…or rather expensive medicine, beard growth oils and drugs have sprung up and they’re in demand than ever before. Chai! The struggle is real.

If you’re someone who cares about the side effects of these beard growth products or you just don’t have cedis to pull out for the magic, this is yours! Let’s show you quick easy-peasy and cheap ways to join the #BeardGang! Let’s beard on…

The Magic Diet

You and your beard are what you eat guys! If you’re not eating right, your body won’t function right. Please eat your meat, eggs and more of the protein… yes, fill up on the gob3 nu! Protein helps immensely when you’re trying to get your beard on!

The “H” word

Hygeine! Personal hygiene! You’ll need dead skin and hair cells to clear off, to make way for new ones, so take regular showers to get them off. Get some lime and apply on your face before you shower.. don’t bother buying facial scrubs. Personal hygiene is a step towards the right direction when it comes to growing a beard.

Work that hair out! 

Yeah! We all hate working out, but if you’re a beard grower, the right exercise will get your body’s system functioning properly. We are students, that fancy gym is just too expensive. Do some laps around your hostel or go out jogging. Get that body working and experience the magic of beard growth.

Leave The Hair Alone!

They tell you shaving your facial hair makes it grow faster erh? They’re lying oo! Just leave your facial hair and let it grow. Don’t be tempted to shave, trim or shape it; you’ll just stall your victory. You’d have to look like a caveman for weeks or months but it’s worth it when the beard finally comes in. Just allow it to grow…allow it all out!

Patience! Patience! Patience!

We know how difficult it is to wait for your beard to grow but you’d need lots of patience during the wait. Allow your body to do its work and don’t give up and shave it all off…good things come to those who wait…or in this case, a hairy face comes to those who wait!

Just follow these somehow simple and easy ways and we would soon be coming to your induction into beard gang!

Beard on!


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