The World Health Organization Has Named Mugabe As A Goodwill Ambassador And It’s Not Because Of His Old Age

Robert Mugabe

Kuulpeeps, we know we can say for certain that y’all know Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe right?

There’s no escaping this man.

The world seems to be going bonkers after the World Health Organization (WHO) appointed President Robert Mugabe, 93, as a “goodwill ambassador” to help tackle non-communicable diseases.

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Though it seems western countries have all but blacklisted this African leader, this latest appointment fits perfectly into who Mugabe is – the President who seems to defy death.

It is our bet that he has Harry Porters’ cloak of invisibility, elder wand, and the resurrection stone.

Who else to champion health than the 93-year-old President who has no intention of stepping down?

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Just as we thought

For their defense though, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave Mugabe the Goodwill Ambassador role because of his country’s work in fighting non-communicable diseases such as cancers, respiratory diseases, and diabetes.

According to WHO, these diseases kill about 40 million people a year, worldwide.


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