You’d Be Surprised About The Beauty A Pen Can Create

Pen Art

If you thought being an artist was an easy feat, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you were wrong. Can you believe it took more than two hours to finish this amazing work of art?

Ink drawing

Why some artists have chosen to draw in pen is not a mystery at all. In fact, drawing in pen is believed to have way more benefits than in using a pencil.

For one, drawing in pen gives you no room for error, and that’s a good thing. In the sense that, as an ink artist, you are forced to practice all the time to perfect your skill. There is nothing like pen eraser oo…so what do you do when you can’t erase your mistake and move on? You become extra careful right? Exactly! Every stroke counts in ink drawing.

Hero G Arts (Twitter)

Speaking of perfection, drawing in ink actually helps artists to express themselves in a perfected manner. Lighter shades are nicely neatly manifested and darker shades speak volumes on a canvas.

Hero G Arts (Twitter)

Bright Akon Goode, a graphic artist that loves to draw in pen, emphasized that pens literally give him the inspiration to draw and since the right pen gives extraordinary results, he takes his pens personally. And his go-to brand is definitely Bic! Why? Because the ballpoint makes it effective for shading.

Bic pen

Bic is one of the brands that lasts long, especially for an artist who is forced to practice everyday, no vibe killings can be tolerated when the vibe hits. Also, he won’t have to worry about the ink spilling all over his work one day.

So if a BIC pen can do this, what else can’t it not do?

Ink drawing

If you like what you see, below are a few more artistic giants you can follow on social media for updates on ink drawings:

@jnrkay on IG

His caption to this was gold! A mixture of pen,pencil,coloring….damn bro!

Hunky Hamilton

Hunky Hamilton work

@psyslice on IG

In the making….turns to this….

Even more ink jobs….

Psysplice work

_ ayokunle_ _ on IG


@bagsart on IG

The wonders that a BIC pen can create.


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