Serena Williams Just Threw Her Baby Under The Bus

Serena Williams and her Alexis Olympia Ohanian

American tennis star, Serena Williams has added being a first-time mother to her many titles.

And as it is to be expected, Serena is documenting her baby daughter’s growth on social media.

Perhaps, the fact that her boyfriend, Alexis Ohanian is an online entrepreneur rather makes social media in their life a lot more important.

Serena’s Twitter handle has always been lit, but since Princess Alexis Olympia Ohanian arrived, her Twitter has become the ‘bed and breakfast’ to a lot of us.

From cute pictures to lovely jabs at her boyfriend, Serena’s Twitter can be called the Keeping Up With Uncensored Serena.

Like any first time mother, caring for a baby is new to her and so is getting used to a baby’s fart.

And it seems little Princess Alexis has been doing quite well in the farting department.

Her mother sent this tweet today:

Yep. She tweeted that and we can’t blame her though.

The only problem here is that her schoolmates will tease her with this when she grows up… Lol

But thanks to the Twitterati, this Tweet generated quite an enjoyable thread.

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Keep farting Princess, it is your right but you need to click on the above link before you start dating.

You don’t want to push those guys away before they get to know you.


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