If You Exhibit These 5 Characters In UEW, Chances Are, You Are A Garvian!

The South Campus is home to one of the university’s most priced and traditional possessions – the Ghartey Hall. The hall of residence is named after one of the indegenous leaders of the original Winneba people and a well known family – the Gharteys.

The affiliates of Ghartey hall are called Garvians and they have similar, if not the same characteristics and personalities. If you think we are lying, read on and you’ll notice how true this article is…. If you’re in any other hall and you possses these qualities, know that you’re actually meant to be a Garvian


Talking about Ghartey hall and forgetting to include rowdiness is like trying to eat a banana without peeling it- just won’t work. Many ladies try to stay away from this hall- even those affiliated to it because they tend to go a little overboard with what they term as fun. Please if you’re a Garvian and you’re the calm type, we have a taxi waiting for you outside, pack your things and let’s send you to the appropriate hall, because you’re obviously lost!

Passionate lovers

It eez true! Let us say the thing! Wonder why most ladies are ditching their Uni-hall boyfriends for Garvians? This is because even though Garvian boys are rowdy, they know how to love and treat a woman right…and the Garvian girls too..damn! Their love eez so strong! Uni-hallers…this is just not your forte!


Garvians are good with their hands…no! Not that way! Bad thinking! We mean they know a little about everything; from fixing electrical appliances to carpentry and IT stuff… They’re naturally clever. This is because most of them are not d-bees!


Garvians are the worst bullies you’d ever meet in this university. Coupled with their quality teasing skills, they can make you feel uncomfortable without even trying! Think we’re kidding, just pass infront of any Ghartey block on a weekend and experience it for yourself.


Another one! Garvians are loud!! You’d notice them anywhere, because they know they are the bosses and would like to show you why. If there’s any controversy, chances are, a Garvian is involved. This is not all that bad, Garvians are what make our boring university come alive and we appreciate them…

Garvians stand for liberty !


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