Vodafone Cash Has Just Introduced Something That Will Blow Your Mind

Vodafone Cash

Vodafone Cash has great news for all of us!

Wait, you don’t use Vodafone Cash? Before I tell what the news is, go out and register for Vodafone cash now.

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A Vodafone user without Vodafone Cash… is that one too a Vodafone user?

Now that you have registered, let’s tell you what the good news is.

Each time you buy credit using Vodafone Cash (*110#), you get 3 times what you bought.

First one is your credit, second is your bonus and the third is your reward for buying with Vodafone Cash.

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Hold up, that’s not all…

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We guess you’ve been enjoying Vodafone Ekikimi.

If you have, all you have to do now is dial *110# to recharge GHc 2 or more with Vodafone Cash and get a bonus PIN, which allows you to pass the value of your credit to 5 other Vodafone users.

Please we didn’t say 3, yes we did say 5!

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Spread the news and continue using Vodafone Cash.



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