This Picture Is Trending In UCC And We Know Exactly Why

Last week was the UCC edition of Fresh a Fair and this picture was taken during the fashion show.

ucc fresh a fair

It’s just a picture of a model in UCC, so why is it trending?

Well, apparently err, it is alleged that the “ distin’’ has been enhanced artificially. This picture has not been digitally enhanced (photo shopped) like what Justin Beiber allegedly did, so why are people saying that things have been stuffed up?

The contributors to this debate have been divided into two groups.

Some are saying it’s a normal “distin” while others say, a critical look at the picture reveals a disconnection somewhere. We don’t know what that means.

Well, take a look again.!!!

ucc fresh a fair

Or maybe this angle would help.

ucc fresh a fair

What do you think? Is it a normal “distin” or an enhanced “distin”




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