This Is How To Help Yourself From Getting A Colored Armpit

Rexona deodorant

We know you immediately raised your arms and did a quick inspection the minute you saw the headline of this story.

The truth is, most of us might have tried out a couple of body protection procedures that haven’t worked out perfectly for us.

Did you know that just a drop of sweat can cause odour in your armpits, forming 90% of your total body odour which could lead to coloured armpits?

Fortunately for us all, Rexona deodorants are specially built to help control the sweat in your armpit, so you feel clean, fresh and dry every day.

Rexona deodorant

Together with the ‘roll safe meme,’ we decided to compare some of our usual body protection procedures with Rexona, to help you prevent coloured armpits.

Wash your armpits well

We think this is the first commandment to cleanliness. All you have to do is wash your armpit well to prevent any kind of smell. The problem is, you might end up doing something physical in the day that might cause you to sweat, hence destroying the armpit of your shirt.

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Why would you dress to work without using Rexona?


We’ve all used powder at some point in our lives, unless of course, you were born in 2017. Powder does prevent sweat from staying on the skin, but as we said, it’s 2017 and you won’t waste your time using some powder which might cause you to sneeze all day.

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Now why would you want to sneeze for the whole day when there’s Rexona?

Roll On

Back in the day, you had to use your roll on and wait for a long time before you could wear your shirt, just because you didn’t want to stain the shirt.

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So why would you have to use a roll on when you can just use this Rexona?

Lime or Aloe Vera

Before we started using roll ons and powder, there were lime and aloe vera. Traditionally, lime is used to eradicate all sorts of smells from the armpit, but the problem here is, it’s time consuming and it’ll stain your shirt; isn’t that why you’re reading this story?

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Why would you waste more time in the bathroom using lime or aloe vera when you can just use Rexona?

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

This is close to the best option you have to prevent your shirt from colouring. Even though it is, using an anti-perspirant deodorant doesn’t mean you’re free from coloured armpits, because most of these deodorants don’t last for a long while, so you’ll end up not having full body protection.

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Why would you use any other deodorant if Rexona can protect you for up to 24hours?

That said, we guess you know what to do. Just go to a shop near you and get a Rexona deodorant for longer hours body protection so you don’t stain the armpit of your shirt.


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