How To Avoid The Bank, Church And Sales Reps On Legon Campus

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If you are already broke and you walk to campus everyday, then you know what we are about to talk about: those guys who stand on the road from CC to Night market. It’s always either some church folk handing out fliers or the banks trying to get you to open an account.

If you walk often, you know how annoying it gets getting fliers shoved in your face from the same group of people.

So here’s how to politely avoid them, if your “No thank you” isn’t working anymore.

Act as if you are late for a lecture. You may not have a lecture at that moment or maybe you do but you’re not even that late, but when you spot these guys around, just start walking really fast with an anxious look on your face. Try some half run half walk and if you have a watch, look at it like three times.

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Headphones in…world out!! Keep your headphones in your ears as you walk past. You don’t have to be listening to anything. Just nod your head to some imaginary music and pretend you can’t hear anything. If you have one of those earpieces that are mini speakers (the ones where the person next to you hears whatever music you’re listening to) by all means use them!

No headphones? put on that straight face and…walk past! That look your friends say make you look too known? use it to your advantage here. Or you can try that spaced out look like you’re lost in thought and can barely hear them. The trick here is to completely ignore them and act like you can’t hear a thing! Do not make eye contact, that’s what draws them closer!

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You can also pretend you already know what they are about to discuss. “Oh me? you already spoke to me today ooo!!” They’d laugh and wave you off.

If it’s one of the bank reps, just tell them you bank with them. When they start their hello, just say “oh boss I get account for your bank already” and this lie shall set you free.

If you’re with a group of friends, start walking quickly and one of you can say something about how late you guys are to that tutorial or meeting and just walk past.

Finally, you can try this old trick. Just pretend to make a call.

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No polite person will try to talk to you when you’re obviously on the phone.

Abide by these and thou shall never be disturbed by sales reps.




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