Germany: A Ghanaian Who Raped A Girl In Front Of Her Boyfriend Has Been Jailed For Nearly 12 Years

Ghanaian Rape Eric

This morning, we told you about Solo 45 who is currently facing about 29 counts of rape in the United Kingdom.

Today, a court in Germany has sentenced a Ghanaian refugee to nearly 12 years in jail for raping a young woman in front of her boyfriend.

Eric X, 31, – who is branded as highly dangerous by a psychiatric expert – was handed the 11 year and six-month jail term though he denied being guilty of rape.

Testimony from an expert said chances of someone else’s DNA other than Eric’s being on the victim was a 30 billion to one chance.

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Eric insulted his victim by saying: ‘If the court says the DNA fits, then I have to call the girl a prostitute. Anyone who supports this girl who claims to have been raped is the dirtiest person on earth.’

The rape incident occurred back in April this year at a campsite. Eric reportedly dragged the 23-year-old woman from the tent she was sharing with her boyfriend.

A photofit picture of Eric led to his arrest and DNA testing confirmed his guilt. A CD player he stole from the tent was found at his refugee centre, the Daily Mail reports.

He reportedly tried to flee when police moved in to arrest him.

Eric will likely be deported after he serves his time in prison.


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