The Top Ten Most Expensive Perfumes In The World

Expensive perfumes

When a guy walks in the room wearing that Issey Miyake…giiirrrllll, that guy is going to get a double look real quick!

When they say your smell describes you, they actually spoke word!

It’s the signature people carry which can often predict your class in society, and I’m not even lying.

If you think buying a Bugatti is the most expensive thing the rich splurge their money on, then you should see the lengths they will go for smelling rich! (Is that even a thing?)

The tenth most expensive perfume in the world is only $800. Joy Parfum by Jean Patou. The intricate smell that Joy Parfum possesses, has so much to do with the rare flower scents like jasmine that are used to make the fragrance.

Then there’s the popular Shalini perfume that costs $900. Since it came out in 2004, it has been made a name strong enough to keep pushing on.

The eighth most expensive perfume will be Annick Goutal’s Eau d’ Hadrian. The lemon induced perfume has the value almost equivalent to the rent of a fairly decent apartment with $1,500.

Faubourg comes seventh place at a cool $1,600. Aside the fact that it was manufactured and promoted by Hermes, the bottle seems to have been intricately made to detail.

At number six is Chanel Number 5, which costs $1,850. But there are perfumes that are worth more…

This fragrance has a touch of rose and perfume, so it’s a lot more spicy….lol. So when you are ready to feel a whole different sensation as you spray your perfume, please save up your $2,350 and get yourself that Caron’s Poivre.

At $2,500 dollars you can get yourself a cool Clive Christian Number 1 perfume.

Meanwhile, this perfume made of frankincense and myrrh is the third most expensive. If someone is taking out $6,800 for just one bottle of Bacarrat Les alarmed Sacrees de Thebes, the person must be assured of seeing baby Jesus on Christmas day.

The second most expensive perfume in the whole world is Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty Perfume. Yes, this is the perfume for royalty, cause only Queen Elizabeth can take $435,000 from her gold reserves to buy this one.

Now drumroll……

You won’t believe what the most expensive perfume in the whole wide world costs….one million freaking dollars. That’s like how much in Ghana cedis? That’s 4.4 million Ghana cedis. Please no, not old Ghana cedis…don’t get it twisted!  Just because, this bottle of DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar perfume contains five carat brilliant-cut diamonds. So after someone buys the perfume and it finishes, do they remove the diamonds and sell or what?

There you have it, kuulpeeps. With your current budget, which of these can you afford?







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