Somalia Vigil Ceremony At Ashesi

Ashesi University College is a university that is built on diversity. There are over 50 nationalities represented in this institution, and as such any unprecedented event which doesn’t sit well with the African community also affects us as a whole. As part of showing love and support to our friends and family in Somalia, The International Students’ Association, ISA, of Ashesi University College, organized a candlelit vigil in solidarity with all those who lost their lives in the Mogadishu attacks in Somalia.

Some of our fellow Africans have lost their lives and we as the International Community and Ashesi as a whole are standing as a symbol of unity and support for Somalia and all others affected. The ceremony was held on the 18th of October, at the Archer and Cornfield Courtyard at 7 pm. Present at the ceremony were students, staff and faculty of the institution.

Below are pictures from the vigil

Photo Credit: Wayne Gakuo


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