Serial Dating… Is It Really As Bad As They Say?

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Today, we came across this question ‘is it really a bad thing to date more than one person?’. Society has viewed serial dating as a bad thing, but is it really?

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Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.. I know, I know society will label you as a ‘hoe,’ a ‘man whore’ etc, but hear me out!

Life is about choices and at the end of the day, to each his own. I’m not talking about having sexual relations, you can date someone and not have sex with them and if you do.. well it’s your business. But look, we live in a generation of instant gratification so really why not?

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Sometimes, serial dating might be necessary, especially if you are not sure what role each individual is going to play in your life. It gives you a sense of control as far as how you want things to be. You have the opportunity to lay out your demands and then see who is able to understand those demands and who you click with, whether emotionally, intellectually or physically or sexually.

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It’s also a way of networking, it may not work out romantically but it can work out in other ways.

It’s always good to have plan A, B or C in life, so why can’t that rule apply to your dating life?

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As humans, we tend to visualize our future with others, especially if things are going smoothly, then in a couple of days or weeks you are like nah he/she is annoying af!!

So why not keep that option open? but if you find that one person and it works, you stop dating the rest. Always be smart and honest, keep an open line of communication and be safe. Have fun dating until you meet the right person!!

Don’t feel pressured, nothing is by force.

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