Pastor Made Close To N200million From One Prayer Topic

Last Thursday, Nigerian police at Enugu caught a pastor…. wait no…. a Bishop, on 1,2,3,4, aaah up to 82 counts of advance fee fraud and conspiracy.

But it wasn’t easy to ‘zwa’ him like that. Homeboy run away with his wife and eight other pastors after people realized that, charley, the miracles weren’t working.

But how? Who does that? He literally got away with close to N200million from one prayer topic oo…he didn’t come to play. He said ‘build your generational organization’ and the congregation paid monies to do exactly that. Yes, your great grand kids all, invest in them and reap the results now. Hw3, do you know how many nana nkansoa’s in your family have prayed and invested for you to enter that private school? E no easy.

Anyway, so this church CEO called Bishop Ginika Obi, took amounts of monies from his congregation in exchange of generational miracles, which never seemed to arrive at their destinations. When apprehended, he claimed he only took almost N200million and was offended at why people were exaggerating and saying he stole N500million. Please, those spreading false accusations about him, God doesn’t like so stop it!!.

The church name alone is brain borsting, City Liberation and Comfort Ministry. Ain’t no weeping and gnashing of teeth here; the slavery must come out! Kick rocks!






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