Chance The Rapper Wears These Eyeglasses That Are Made By A Ghanaian, So Must You

Chance The Rapper Bohten

Omg Kuulpeeps!!!!

Yes, we know, we always want to be the first to tell you what’s happening.

Today, we want to tell you about this eyewear brand that is to die for.

Chance The Rapper, Mr Eazi, Francesco Yates and other celebrities have all been wearing these beautiful eyeglasses that were made by a Ghanaian with discarded wood from the Volta lake and other parts of West Africa, mostly Ivory Coast.

Hahaha, isn’t it pretty amazing? Who would have thought that those ‘good for nothing’ wood pieces could be turned into something worth having in your fashion ensemble?

The Bohten eyewear company was founded by Nana Osei Boateng, five years ago. It was on the mountainous region of Kwahu, the highest habitable place in Ghana, that Bôhten began its journey.

Nana Boateng Osei, Founder of Bôhten, had the initiative to use reclaimed material to manufacture an eco-luxury eyewear line.

These to die for glasses are made of reclaimed wood and it is worn by celebrities. It has a unique stylish look.

Though Nana Boateng started making the eyeglasses in Toronto, Canada, he has since moved his production to Ghana and is currently raising funds on Kickstater to produce his 2018 collection called #Bohten5, here in Ghana!

Nana Boateng, Bohten eyewear
Nana Boateng Osei, Founder of Bohten (c) Anderson

How ‘kuul’ is that?

The eyeglasses below will be made in Ghana.


Aaaaaarrrrrghh… We can’t wait to place our #Bohten5 Collection order.

The “#Bohten5 is not only an evolution of our most popular designs to date, but a stepping stone towards our ultimate goal of creating a full production hub,” Nana Boateng says.

“I started Bohten with a vision of change: the possibility of transforming missed opportunities into sustainable life in my home country.”

“Growing up in Ghana, I saw what happens when you make too little out of too much. Ghana is a country that is rich with natural resources, yet the average Ghanaian lives with under $1 USD per day. There’s no working infrastructure to build up artisans for job creation and Innovation. The youth in Ghana need a spark in the manufacturing and design industry.”

Nana Boateng Osei, Founder of Bohten
Nana Boateng Osei, Founder of Bohten (c) Nana B. Osei

The Bohten eyewear comes in either sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses.

Check them out here.


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