You Wouldn’t Believe What Robert Mugabe Is Asking WhatsApp Group Admins To Do

Robert Mugabe

For most of us, we create and/or join WhatsApp groups on a whim and for the least, we belong to about 10 groups on WhatsApp.

Well, if we were in Zimbabwe, we would put a little more thinking into it before we join or create any WhatsApp group.

Robert Mugabe’s government has made it a criminal offence to be in any or associated with a WhatsApp group that is not registered with the government.

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Yeah…  You read it right.

Just as you register your business when you want to start a company, Zimbabwean laws also require an Admin to register their WhatsApp group with an appointed state agency.

You know how people add you to groups that have nothing to do with you…


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You could be committing an offence if you’re in Zimbabwe.

Last week,  the longtime President, Robert Mugabe created a Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection, and Mitigation.

The Former Zimbabwe finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, who was subsequently appointed as the minister to head the newly created ministry, is not on social media – how apt is that?

In a letter, Chimansa said “All WhatsApp Group Administrators are now required to have a minimum of Level 1 Certification from the Border Gezi University of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation.”

“Members belonging to a group that is administered by unqualified administrators are advised that it is a criminal offence.”

This new rule comes into effect on November 1.

So, the next time you want to create or join a WhatsApp group, please spare a moment and think about our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe, who have to go through a government registration process.

You shouldn’t take it for granted, this right is very rare for some people.

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