These “first of all tweets” have us hollering!!!


We all know twitter is the place to go to for a good laugh and we must say twitter holds the crown for foolery.

If you are on black twitter then you know about these “first of all tweets” that are trending; what makes them so funny is that they are all relatable and if you don’t find any of them funny, well “first of all that’s your personal problem!! .. Here is a list of our funniest “first of all tweets.

lol like duhhh that is why I’m here !!

Daddy yo!

Can’t a man forget anymore?

Lmaoo if you didn’t know now you know!!

Loooool like please get your own charger!!

That’s all…

Aren’t we?

Lmaoo yes cause even after marriage your parents will still dictate your life

Thank you !!!!

Yesss, so stop calling and asking how far I am now!!

I don’t even have to search!

Lol  we are dead !!! Bye trump


If you haven’t done so already, please login on your twitter and get a good laugh!! Thank us later



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