Hold on to your man!! Bernice Burgos has landed!!


We are sure some of you are wondering who Bernice Burgos is right ? Well take a look at her first..

She is gorgeous right? And her body omg! To die for!!..

Are you wondering why is she relevant? Well, here is the tea .. she is a video vixen- she models in music videos etc… you know, that kind of vibe.. but we didn’t get into her until a couple of months ago when the T.I scandal came about. She was rumored to have been the side chick to T.I during the time of T.I and Tiny’s alleged divorce (which by the way looks like it won’t be happening).

So why is she in Nigeria? Well, the babe was paid to host the annual all white pool party in Lagos alongside Nigerian artist Dbanj, who supposedly paid for her whole trip and paid her to play host to the party.

Dbanj also had Bernice in his music videos as the main model, so it’s no surprise he chose her to host the annual all white pool party in Abuja.



Of course her going to Nigeria sparked a lot of rumors and controversy.. some of the video vixens based in Nigeria took to social media to express their opinion on the matter. The fact that people had to pay 10,ooo dollars (which hasn’t been confirmed nor denied) to see Bernice wasn’t sitting right with them.


But some were happy to see her there, especially Wizkid who happened to be in Nigeria over the weekend to perform for the “felabration”, he even had time to pose for pictures and videos (which if u watch closely seems like he had his hand on her lap and quickly removed).

They look cute together though.. Issa match!!

But if you think the hate was going to stop Bernice from securing her bag and having fun.. you better think again!! When in Naija do what the Naija’s do and shoki!!.




She is busy, booked and unbothered. And the paparazzi love her.




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