Fuse ODG Calls For A Boycott On Nivea Products


Finally finally finally!! Somebody has spoken up about the big elephant in the room!! Thank you Fuse ODG for this moment.

If you have been in town, we are sure you’ve seen those huge billboards promoting lightening of the skin tone. Let’s just put it in layman terms, they are promoting bleaching as if it’s normal. And honestly, Fuse ODG is not the only one who has issues with it, but he is the only one with such platform who has decided to speak against it.

Fuse ODG takes on Nivea

I mean honestly, what are these companies suggesting? We shouldn’t be happy with the skin we were born in?. What are we teaching the younger ones. That we should be insecure because we are dark? Most of us Ghanaians are dark, are u telling us that we are ugly? Unworthy? What is it?.

We are encouraging low self esteem at this point. Society and these companies have made it seem as if it’s normal and imperative for one to be light skinned in order to succeed in careers, finding love etc. Noooo, my brothers and sisters, be comfortable in the skin you are!! Drink water hydrate your skin and let your melanin slay!!.

While these companies are promoting bleaching, they are not informing you of the side effects that comes along with it. First of cancer, then body odour, then black knuckles and lastly, most of the time we can’t even differentiate which skin tone these bleachers are. Like sis, you look like clay, some look see through like a ghost, you look lighter than the white people and they are born white!! It’s not normal, please let’s put a stop to it!! At the end of the day, love yourself for who you are!! Whatever God has for you, nobody, not even a skin tone can take it away from you. Love thyself. And the rest will be well..


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