7 Things You Should Know About Black Panther’s Wakanda

We’re less than a month away from the premiere of Marvel’s most anticipated movie – Black Panther!

Let’s just watch the trailer again.

The movie has created so much buzz on social media so we decided to tell you something about Wakanda- Black Panther’s homeland.


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First, let’s start with the location of the fictional Wakanda. Wakanda is located in Northeastern Africa near Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. It is surrounded by fictional countries like Azania, Canaan, and Narobia.


Female Body Guards

For Wakandan royalty, there are impossibly badass warriors called the Dora Milaje, also known as the Adored Ones. This fighting force consists exclusively of women, usually with their martial arts skills polished to a high sheen and their heads shaved to an equally shiny degree. They’re recruited from every different sect in Wakandan politics and they’re meant to represent potential queens.


The primary deity of Wakanda is Bast.

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Bast the Panther Goddess is the primary deity of Wakanda. It is from this deity that the title Black Panther was given.



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Wakanda has come to be known as the world’s primary source of vibranium—the metal from which Captain America’s shield is constructed. Fearing the inevitable attempts by outsiders to exploit the country for this rare resource, T’Chaka chose to isolate Wakanda from the outside world.



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T’Chaka and his son (T’Challa) went on to transform the nation into one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet, thanks in no small part to the highly valuable vibranium deposits at their disposal.  For example, Wakandan computer technology is much more powerful than that of the rest of the world, and is completely immune to outside hacking


Wakanda saw the first  marriage of two Marvel superheros 

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T’Challa and Storm from the X-Men franchise met along the way when they were adolescents. Having never stopped loving one another from that time, the two were married in a Wakandan ceremony attended by most of Marvel’s big names (including both Captain America and Iron Man), but it was stated that their marriage never lasted.


Black Panther is a title given to the leader of the panther tribe of Wakanda

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The Black Panther is a ceremonial and religious title given to the chief of the Panther Tribe. As part of the cult’s ceremonies, a chosen Black Panther is entitled to the use of a heart-shaped herb. The herb enhances the physical attributes of the person who consumes it to near-superhuman levels.



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