Students Go Wild After Guy Is Healed Of Erectile Dysfunction At The #JesusDeliveranceCampaign


We all know our God is a God of miracles and there’s nothing he can’t do right?
We see God use pastors to perform mind-blowing miracles in our churches, at crusades and on TV.
So some of us have witnessed the blind see, the deaf hear, the cripple walk and may other great miracles, but there are ones that are unusual and one of these unusual miracles happened on the Sarbah field of the University of Ghana’s Jesus Deliverance Campaign, which was organized by the University of Ghana Student Chaplaincy.
Many people were overflowing with testimonies by the end of the program. However, one caught everyone’s attention!

At the program, it was time for healing and deliverance and the Man of God, Bishop N. A Tackie –Yarboi prayed for people with different problems to get healed and as part of the prayer, he also prayed for those who had problems with their reproductive parts to also get healed.

After the prayers, people came over to give their testimonies of healing. It was all “hallelujah!” and some applause until the last testimony.
Turns out this particular guy had been healed of erectile dysfunction… meaning he hadn’t been able to get it up in a loooooong while!!

Of course he didn’t come up on stage to give the testimony himself, because… well you should understand why.

One of the pastors had to give the testimony on his behalf.

Strange right? but God does things that no man can ever understand, He makes the impossible, possible.

Lesson!!!  never give up on God. If someone who didn’t have an erection for a very long time can have his erection back, then your GPA is nothing kraaaa to God; just pray and have some erections on your MIS Web.
Say an Amen to that!



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