“DEGREE? The Least Respected Journey In Ghana” A Nursing Student Writes

Students writing in classroom

I would never opt for a diploma when a degree is equally available. I know most people are on the same page with me in that regard.

Unfortuantely, not everyone sees the essence of a university education, as opinion leaders in Ghana are pressing forward the idea to neglect university degree education only to embrace diploma.

I don’t blame anyone for giving such advice.
In Ghana, a person pursuing a diploma course in nursing and teachers training receives monthly allowance from the government and is fed with three square meals a day. However, a student taking a degree course receives no allowance and only pays huge amount of school fees to join the graduate unemployed association after completion.

Is being an undergraduate student a new offense in Ghana? Why has the government neglected university degree education?? Will the government continue to take undergraduate students for granted?

Just a century ago, a university education in Ghana was beautiful. There was the type of system that would push an SHS student to strive hard to be a part of the University system. Students would not have to share rooms.They had some allowances, always had food to eat from their dining halls and secured better jobs right after school with little or no hustle. Just those were enough to keep high school students glued to their books.

Now the beautiful university system has collapsed. Four students share one room. Dining halls have been converted into prayer halls, as the idea of feeding university students is outmoded. At a point, students were almost required to pay utility bills.

Trainees on the other hand get paid to study, eat three times a day and enjoy compulsory job security by signing a bond emigrate after school into another country’s service.

Degree holders have no other option than to find a means of livelihood in other countries. Of course our land’s great minds end up as cleaners in other countries. Those who stay back just become executives of the numerous unemployed graduate associations in the nation.

After stealing their supposed rightfully earned jobs by being extremely serious in high school to the diploma holders, the government refuses to create more jobs for them and say it to their faces.

So I ask, which is a better venture in Ghana? A diploma or degree education?. Your guess is as good as mine.

I think the government should learn to treat DEGREE HOLDERS with the respect they deserve.



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