Davido Has Taken To Instagram To Defend Himself After The Death Of His Friend


The death of Tagbo saga is still ongoing and things are getting juicer by the minute!! Earlier, we posted our recent update on the story and since then (which is only 5 hours ago) more updates have been pouring in. The police commissioner made a statement on tv earlier accusing Davido of providing them with false statements..

Well, it looks like Davido is not keeping silent anymore when it comes to his reputation. Just a few minutes ago his lawyers released a statement!! Here it is, you guys can read it for yourselves.

Jesus!!! This thing is getting soooo juicy!!! Davido also released some videos from the CCTV which show that Tagbo never set foot in Davido’s car.


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It also shows how drunk Tagbo was.


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We reported earlier last week that they consumed about 30 shots of vodka and clearly it looks like that was the case in these videos.


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Let’s have a look shall we!!


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