Being Single Should Not Be So Bad. Here Are 8 Reasons Why

Being single should not be as sad as it’s portrayed these days. It actually has its advantages which you are definitely going to find comforting.

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Even spidey can testify!

We gathered eight of these advantages for your viewing pleasure

Your Favourite Disgusting Habits

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Trying to form gentle and cool can be done when you’re in a relationship,  but now that you’re on your own, WHO CARES??!!… It’s just you and you. Ain’t nobody gon’ tell you to wear some boxers when you’re in YOUR own room… That’s the life!

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More Money

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Chale no companion equals more money inna the pocket!! No ice cream bills.. No pizza bills…. This is a matter of pay for what YOU get…. Emphasis on you.

Sleeping Around

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Is this far from what you thought?…. You need Jesus… Lol…. Well yeah, you can sleep in any position your body wants to. The other thing too is the sex part. You can hook up with whoever, wherever you want. Be it a reading room or car park… It’s you… No one cares and you owe no one an explanation.

No One Keeping Tabs On Your Actions

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You’re at a party and your other half is busily calling you not to stay out late…?? Hell no!! That drama can’t happen when you’re single. That’s the obvious truth, except you’re the type that gets a call from mama every microsecond…. hehe

Personal Growth

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You also get time to enhance yourself in ways you couldn’t have. Being alone allows you build up certain traits you’ve always wanted… You can be a reader once you’re single, all because you don’t necessarily have to split your time for the other person.

Friend Time

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Nobody is going to hold you down better than your good friends. There’s nothing better than hanging out with buddies and not worrying about calling or texting just to check on how “He/She” is doing….. It’s such a good feeling!!

Making A Mess

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It’s my room…. I can do whatever!! Yeah!! No more laying the bed everyday all because boo will be coming over.. You do it when you want and how you want. Keep in mind that visits might be impromptu so you decide how you want to be seen.

Dealing With Someone Else’s Emotions Is Hard

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Finally finally! For the hard people…. Lol.. That means unemotional peeps…. It’s so difficult trying to find the right actions and words for your partner who appears emotionally distraught…

So there you have it.

It is finished!


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