7 Places You Can Access Vodafone Cash On Legon Campus


Almost everyone uses Vodafone X on campus, because it’s “ah-may-zing”, but surprisingly it is quite hard to find a place on campus to withdraw some money, or even make a deposit using your Vodafone cash!

The deposits erh, it really dey hia so you can buy credit for your data bundles no matter how late it is!

Night Market

You all probably know this particular kiosk. They do everything!! They are your most reliable go to place for all your Vodafone cash services. And don’t worry. You will never be hit with the “we don’t have enough cash” excuse. The kiosk is close to the shop that sells the University yoghurt.

Sarbah Annex B

If you’re in Sarbah and can’t go all the way to Night Market, there’s a provision shop on the ground floor at Annex B. Look sharp

Volta Hall

Next time you’re on campus and need some money quickly to pay for that handout, just walk to Volta Hall. Now look across the street at the car park. See that tiny kiosk? Yhup that’s where you’d find your solution.

Legon Hall Annex A

Just walk into the internet café (yes they still exist) on the ground floor at Annex A and ask for your Vodafone cash needs.


Hungry, but have only 1 cedi for your shuttle ride back to your hall? Don’t panic or go to your room hungry. Just go to Bushke, there are a lot of options there. Go withdraw some money and buy some gob3 or banku!!! You just killed two birds with one stone. Ka-ching!!

Pent Block B

For those of you far far away on the other side of campus, Pent Block B has this shop where you can go for all your Vodafone cash needs. Just stay away from the balconies and you’d be fine.

Elizabeth Sey Hall

Get your students ID so their security guys don’t bounce you oo!! Walk up to the last floor and head to room 4116. It’s open so don’t worry cos you don’t have to knock.

so the next time you’re far from your usual Vodafone cash checkpoint, just bookmark this for later and you’d be fine!! 





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