Vodafone Just Put A Whole New Meaning To Squad And Bae Goals

Hello kuulpeeps!

As usual, we’ve got some amazing news for you.

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Vodafone has come up with some really cool packages for the boyfriends and girlfriends, the “boys boys” and “girls girls” and old-school friends.

For starters, let’s talk about the package for the love birds

We know you lovebirds can’t stay away from each other. Y’all like to keep in touch 24/7 on every platform imaginable; calls, texts, social media.

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So here is the deal.

Vodafone’s new and amazing starter pack is specially for you guys. It’s the boo and bae pack.

This is how it works:

Boo and bae will have similar digits with different numbers ending it, so boo will have a number like “0501000091” and bae will have a number like 0501000092”

Cool isn’t it?!

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No more cramming all those digits in your head just because of that special someone! It’s way easier now!

Now the “boys boys” and “girls girls”. Y’all haven’t been left out. Your package is known as the squad goals pack.

Vodafone wants you guys to easily remember your numbers, so just like the boo and bae pack, you guys will have similar digits with different numbers ending it.

Very simple and awesome right?!

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For the old boys/old girls pack, old school friends who like keeping in touch with each other and would like to have consecutive numbers just like the packages mentioned above can easily remember each other’s numbers without going through the hassle of “ I lost all my contacts, who this?”

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So you can easily for example have the Mowtown pack, Bleoo pack, Abugiss pack, Adisco pack etc.

Super cool right? Don’t just talk about how cool this is! Spread the word!



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