Ladies! You Better Have These In Your Bag Before You Go For Lectures

We all know that ladies carry handbags along with them when going for lectures. They could be gigantic, normal sized or really really small. We also know most of you guys are wondering what at all they do these ladies have in these bags that make them slap your hand when you try to peek in.

Don’t get white faced just yet, it’s no big deal.

Oh and for you ladies who are now ermmm trying to be ladies, these are basic necessities:

Make-up kit: Ladies who love their makeup need to pack some basic makeup stuff, such as the makeup brush and the powder just in case anything goes wrong on the face during the day. A lil touch up in between classes to keep you looking fresh!

Lipstick/lip balm: yes! They pack these too to prevent chapped lips in the middle of the day. Also, abi you know legon girls like food, so they apply the lipstick or lip balm after eating the gob3 at bushke to convince that boy that they haven’t eaten anything and would still love that pizza and coke from Eddy’s.

Tissues: this comes in handy for cleaning the dirty tables and chairs in the lecture halls and also when they visit the washroom. They are really cheap too!

Hand sanitizers: very essential and useful since there is never any soap or water for use in most washrooms. Stay away from those germs, Queen!!

Snacks: Some ladies pack snacks in their bags especially on days when they have 2 or more lectures in succession. And for ladies coming from the diaspora, pent and TF area, it’s necessary to have snacks in their bags to keep them going throughout the day because we all know that y’all too broke to spend at JQB!!

Sanitary pads: they call them sanitary towel to make it sound all “gee” and cool. But it’s not as if there’s anything cool about it. This is however a very very important item to find in any ladies’ bag during that time of the month. Guys if they don’t allow you to look into their bags, then you should know for sure they have this in there. It’s great for emergencies.

Extra footwear: this is packed as a backup just in case their nice sandals get torn when coming from lectures!! Sister all the walking no, we understand charley.

And oh, if for some reason you’re still using a Blackberry phone, then sister grab a charger and an extension board too and shove it in that bag!!! You’ll need it.

… So now you know that a lady’s handbag is not just a fashion statement. It has essential things that can save her life everyday! What other stuff do you ladies keep in your bags, tell us in the comment box.



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