Kiss Me Confidently!

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We all know there are levels and types to this kissing thing. You don’t just go around kissing people and sending mixed signals.  So let’s break down the types of kissing we may indulge in.

1) The peck: can be on the lips or cheeks. Usually used as a form of greeting or farewell amongst friends, family, associates.

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Most times people use the peck as a curve, especially if they are unsure of your role in their life. You try to go in for kill and they move to the side so you meet their cheek!! Smh embarrassing but it’s okay, a peck is still better than nothing.

2) Kiss on the forehead: Used as a form of endearment, tenderly love. This is the type of kiss u give to someone when there is a connection; like looking at them with affection in your eyes and without saying so much.

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Just that one kiss on the forehead says a lot, especially if you are the type that doesn’t usually express his/her feelings. Do not kiss people on their forehead if you don’t have emotional feelings towards them unless they are your family.

3) The French kiss: occurs when sexual feelings are heightened, when the sexual connection is mutual and both parties are in sync with each other.

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We all know it usually leads to the next level unless you are practicing celibacy so you just choose to kiss till your tongues and mouth hurt lol .. if that’s what you are doing with your partner, more power to you… kiss till you drop!!. But for most, Issa signal you are about to hit that home run !!. Issa score !!!! ..

Please remember, if you are not confident in your oral hygiene, then you can’t even get close to anybody to partake in any of these.

You could have all the kissing techniques in the world. You can even set the perfect mood for the kiss, but fresh breath should be the icing on the cake.

Good kissers must always get a certain fresh breath ‘xfactor’.

Kissing allows you to get Close Up with the people you love. If you have bad breath, people won’t allow you to come close to them let alone give them a kiss no matter what kind of kiss you want to give.

If you know your breath is that bad, don’t go embarrassing yourself.

Let Close Up help you keep a fresh breath.

The new Closeup Cool breeze is minty and fresh. It will give you 12 hours of fresh breath.

You never want to get a kiss reject.

Nooooo……. That’s dating suicide.


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