Lecturers At Accra Technical University Are Boycotting Lectures

The lecturers at Accra Technical University are boycotting lectures in their attempt to protest against the university’s lack of infrastructure.

The high student population in the school also doesn’t help make matters any better. It is widely believed that the school has enrolled students beyond its capacity and as a result, there aren’t enough classrooms equipped with tables and chairs to accommodate the students.

Coupled with this inconvenient teaching and learning environment is the high hostel fees the school levies its students.

However, in an effort to fight for the well-being of the students, the lecturers took it upon themselves to launch this protest.

Although school authorities have begun addressing the concerns of the lecturers, they have vowed not to return to the classrooms until their grievances are fully addressed.

The striking lecturers are about 50 in number and they include some members of the local chapter of the Technical University Teachers’ Association of Ghana.

Written by: Selasie Agbodo


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